About Magellan

Next-generation location-based experiences (LBE) are about to revolutionize our lives taking multiple forms of ubiquitous informative, educative, or recreational services and content in multiple domains such as gaming, cultural heritage, tourism, transport, marketing or education.
They will make use of the latest technologies to create Mixed Realities, blending virtual and real worlds, involving multiple participants, and evolving according to a non-linear interactive scenario and the different actions of the participants.
In this landscape of opportunities, MAGELLAN FTI aims to redefine Location-Based Experiences (LBEs) on mobile devices worldwide, by leveraging a codeless platform for the rapid and cost-effective creation and promotion of LBEs/games. Therefore, by removing inherent barriers of game development, MAGELLAN FTI aims at tapping at the unlocked value existing within the creativity of people and organizations alike.
MAGELLAN FTI will trigger a global ecosystem of authors and participants, and a new economy exploiting MAGELLAN FTI capabilities to provide new services or promote real world sites and experiences.

MAGELLAN FTI is a 24-month project, funded by the European Commission under the frame of Fast Track to Innovation pilot programme, which will lead to a market-ready product and a new business entity to drive the adoption and scale-up of the platform.

The project is composed by four partners, two main industrial applicants (EXUS and DIGINEXT) that will drive the platform towards commercialisation and two communication and marketing organisations (LOBA and INCONITO) that will complement the effort to drive market adoption.

MAGELLAN FTI will contribute to the transition from traditional Location-Based Services developed by software engineers, to next-generation Location-Based Experiences, developed without programming skills to immerse multiple users in mixed realities.


The MAGELLAN FTI platform offers an end-to-end solution for the authoring, publishing, execution and experiencing of location-based experiences running on smart phones and other mobile devices. Its main features include:

• Codeless, graphic authoring environment dedicated to non-programmers for the cost-effective creation, refinement and publishing of location-based experiences.
• Visual authoring interface based on 3D GIS system to support large-scale indoor/outdoor environments.
• A scalable cloud-based infrastructure supporting collaborative authoring as well as the execution of the multitude of the published experiences involving numerous participants.
• Execution of Mixed-Reality Location-based experiences on major mobile platforms (iOS/Android/windows).


  1. Authors are any creative person, from professional content developers to web designers, dedicated amateurs, and even parents or children who are interested in creating LBEs for recreational, educational or professional purposes. They use the authoring tool to create, publish, and monitor experiences involving multiple participants in mixed realities taking place in the real world. Authors do not need software development skills to create MAGELLAN experiences, although the system also enables advanced authors to access more technical features.
  2. Participants/players are visitors, tourists, travellers, gamers, professional users, parents, children, young or elderly, as well as disabled people participating in the LBEs adapted to their skills and interests and created with the MAGELLAN FTI system. While preparing a journey or on site, they download the MAGELLAN FTI app from Google Play, Apple or Microsoft Stores and select the MAGELLAN FTI experience close to them and they are ready to participate and interact in the adventure, receiving information and digital or physical activities to perform from the system according to the scenario, their geographic position, their personal profile, but also contributing information in response to the system’s solicitations.