Magellan FTI at Laval Virtual 2018

Magellan FTI at Laval Virtual 2018
10 April, 2018 LOBA

On April 4-8, 2018, DIGINEXT attended Laval Virtual, the biggest exhibition, and conference for virtual and Augmented Reality for the tenth consecutive year.

Since 1999, Laval has been the reference in VR and AR and the European leader in the fields of new technologies and uses of the virtual world with 300 exhibitors expected in 2018.

The show is welcoming more visitors each year, 17,700 visitors in 2017, and a constant diversification of the sectors represented: Industry, Cultural Heritage, Health, Training, Marketing, Culture, etc. This growth reinforces the Laval Virtual status, which unites the whole new technology community.

The demos Dragon Park Go, BioWhaaat, Rota de Bairrada & Bad Omens were shown, as well as rollups, and the introducing video in the background.

Experts and bloggers were very interested in the Magellan FTI project, and in particular in the fact that the project presents a Framework that will allow non-developers (again, accessibility is a major point) to create and publish experiences in mixed reality. They thought the concept was very ambitious and are looking forward to hearing more about the interface evolution.

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