Bio…What? AR developed with First Parallel Authoring Tool

Bio…What? AR developed with First Parallel Authoring Tool
16 November, 2017 LOBA

The BioWhaaaat AR Game is an adaptation of the Bio…What? game developed under the project BIOWAYS funded by the BBI-JU programme. The game developed under BIOWAYS can be accessed here:

The AR game was developed by LOBA using First Parallel authoring tool, to be played at the Maker Faire in Rome (1-3 December 2017) in the Bioeconomy Village, which purpose is to raise public awareness, improve knowledge of bio-based products, and promote the benefits of the bioeconomy.

The objective of the game is to find the raw materials hidden in the Bioeconomy Village, being careful to not to drop them, match what bio-based product uses each raw material found and learn more about the bio-based product.

The game was originally developed in Italian because the Maker Faire was taking place in Rome and the major part of the audience was Italian. In a later stage the game was also available in English.