Bairrada Route – A different way of doing tourism

Bairrada Route – A different way of doing tourism
23 October, 2017 LOBA

The Route selected for developing the mixed reality experience was the Bairrada’s Green Route: Mealhada, which is composed of 4 points of interest: 1. Winery “Quinta do Encontro”, 2. Military Museum, 3. Miradouro “Cruz Alta” (viewpoint), 4. Mata National do Buçaco (National Forest).

The experience developed for Rota da Bairrada/Green aims at providing a unique and interactive located-based experience for the visitors and tourists, enhancing the link between the “real” (the route) and the virtual (games, quizzes, information, videos, etc.)

The experience Rota da Bairrada /Green will allow to enrich the visit to the different points of interest of the route, through a ludic/cultural approach, providing useful/interesting information and facts in a fun/user-friendly interface.

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