LOBA is a business and marketing consulting company based in Portugal with branches in Angola (Africa) and Brazil (South America). Established in 2000, LOBA has more than 35 qualified staff members, including senior executives, consultants, researchers, designers and programmers. LOBA is specialised in delivering the following services: dissemination and communication services including marketing activities, exploitation of results and technology watch (from planning and organising to directing and controlling), consultancy services in the definition and implementation of innovation strategies in organisations (i.e. innovation processes, organisational development, technology and innovation audits), and, last but not least, management services including project management, financial management, reporting, quality and risk management.

In terms of dissemination and communication, LOBA offers global and comprehensive solutions for promoting, communicating, relating and interacting the clients or projects brand with the customers or target groups.

Focussed on the way that customers or target groups are related with a project and/or interact with its brand, we stimulate the physical, visual and emotional elements of this experience to increase awareness, to communicate relevant information and knowledge and to enhance customer loyalty. The customer is, although unconsciously, constantly renewing expectations and assessing the performance of the brand at all stages of their experience.

By providing a global and comprehensive offer of solutions for marketing, promotion, communication, relationship-building and interaction with customers and target groups LOBA puts its mission into practice in providing excellent customer experiences for the customers of its clients!

Working with LOBA is, above all, working with the LOBA attitude that guides our culture and our personal involvement in what are our values:

TRUST – we honour promises, we keep our word;
INNOVATION – we are creative, interested and have a multi-disciplinary and technical know-how;
POSITIVE APPROACH – we are dedicated to guaranteeing to clients a firm and constant support in facing all challenges, with perseverance, readiness and will.

Main contact person/s:
Alexandre Almeida